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Many think gout is a rich man's disease, suffered by the kings of the 17th and 18th century and it died out with them, long ago. We at Natural Goutcare know this isn't true, and more and more people are finding this out as well.
While gout may again be gaining prominence, so are the safe and natural ways to treat it. Yes, no longer do we apply leaches and perform bleedings to treat treat the symptoms of gout. At Natural Goutcare we treat your gout, naturally.

Natural Gout Care

Do you find that you are complaining about a burning pain in your feet every day? Does it seem that the pain is coming from your big toe? If these are true for you there is a chance you you have a kind of arthritis called gout. There are millions of Americans today who suffer from gout and the associated gout symptoms. While it is not the most serious or life threatening form of arthritis, it doesn't mean that gout is any less debilitating for those that have to suffer through it. Having gout in your feet can be a an incredibly painful experience and can prevent you from fully enjoying their life because they find walking so excruciatingly painful. fortunately for you, the Natural Gout Care center is here for you. We are a gout clinic that provides proven gout cures and natural gout treatments to our patients. We offer a wide number of gout remedies including medication, physical therapy and the creation of proper arthritis gout diets that will help you on the road to health.

Causes of gout

Gouty arthritis is a very complex form of arthritis. Other forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are caused by either ware and tare of the tissues surrounding joints or by immune system deficiencies that cause the tissues of the joints to be weakened and break down. Both kinds work through well understood and studied mechanisms. Gout on the other hand is a highly variable type of arthritis than can change based on a number of factors. Gout is caused by high uric acid levels in your body. Uric acid is a completely natural part of the body and is essential to certain functions. But when uric acid levels become too high in your body, the excess uric acid will build up around your joints, typically in your feet and big toes. These buildups turn into crystals. If you were to see pictures of gout crystals, as are available on, you would see something that is long, pointy and knife like. When you joints move, gout causes these crystals to tear and cut the tissues around your joints. If gout is not treated, it can lead to other forms of arthritis and even infections if the crystals become big enough and cause enough damage.

Gout remedies

Luckily for those that suffer from gout there are very reliable sources of gout pain relief and even cures for gout. Most treatments for gout come in the form of medication. Studies have shown that medication is one of the best and most effective ways of relieving gout pain and preventing future outbreaks of gout. Medications are also designed to reduce the risk of complications that are associated with gout such as deposits of urate crystals under the skin that can cause sensitive nodules. There are a few different types of gout medication and it is recommended that you talk to y our doctor about which ones will work best for you. Some gout medications are associated with adverse side effects. If you are taking a gout medication and are experiencing these side effects contact your doctor.

We also focus on a proper gout lifestyle that works with the medication in preventing future outbreaks of gout. We encourage our patients to create diets that are low in purines which are broken down in the body to create uric acid, and in turn urate crystals if the acid is allowed to build up to critical levels. Our professional team of dieticians will work with you and help create a fun and delicious diet of gout foods to help you on the road to recovery.